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Best Of Graduation Show 2020

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The Design Academy Eindhoven is one of the world’s leading design institutions, recognised internationally for its forward thinking nature. Each year, graduates prove their ability to continually test the boundaries and possibilities of design, showcasing not only their final outcome, but the equally important research behind this. The projects in this virtual tour have been picked as a few highlights from the work from over 180 graduates, most of whom were awarded with Cum Laude for their work.

The variety and diversity of projects on display is clearly apparent – to use a couple of examples, Serina Tarkhanian (MA Contextual Design) proposed an alternative approach to modern western medicine by positioning the microorganisms that live with us as the primary locus of care. Meanwhile, Hannah Segerkrantz (BA Well-Being) re-imagines how hemp construction methods can be adapted for a do-it-yourself methods of collective manufacturing. Miguel Guevara Parra (MA Contextual Design) explores how taking a narrative approach to history can frame fiction as a tool for political dissent, while Noor Bootsma (BA Leisure) examines how the small-scale practice of community gardens can become a model for a more contentious large-scale issue of management of international waters.

We invite you to delve into this selection of work as a taster, and hope it inspires the visitor to delve further into the work of graduates from our eight bachelors’ and four masters’ departments.

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