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What objects and materials will help us build a better future?

Sustainable Products

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Sustainable Products

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The Sustainable Products route brings you a selection of highlights curated from the DDW virtual programme. Discover different takes by designers on what it means to design a sustainable product, and question yourself what sustainability is to you.

Design is partly to blame for an over-abundance of products in our lives, but it also offers the solution. Discover the designers using radical processes and materials – from natural substances like mushroom mycelium, to engineered vegan leathers – to reduce waste and promote more meaningful object relationships. How can we move towards a circular economy?

The selection of projects brings you a diverse mix of sustainable products, and questions the different elements that come with sustainability. On the one hand sustainability is about designing with circulair materials and choosing no waste production processes. But sustainability also relates to designing a product that creates meaning and long livety, while keeping the end cycle in mind. Click the link below and discover the Sustainable Products route.

Want to dive further into the Sustainable Products subject? Tune in for the Sustainable Products Talk on Sunday 25th of October, where we dive into the matter of glass together with content partner The New Material Award.

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