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How can we use design to serve the needs of society?

Designing Society

The Designing Society route brings you a selection of highlights curated from the DDW virtual programme. Discover different ways designers are improving our society, from our societal systems to how we interact with each other and our surroundings.

Design has the power to tackle societal issues, create inclusive communities, advocate new cultural behaviour and promote well-being. Through the lens of social and service design, explore how systems and experiences can offer solutions to the needs of individuals, organisations and society at large.

The selected projects on this virtual route are shaping our society one way or another. Learn about the importance of the social design perspective in these times full of uncertainty and societal shifts. Discover how design contributes to a more inclusive world, where (physical) disabilities, your heritage of profession shouldn’t define your value or experiences in society. Designing society is found in the subtleties of arranging connections and encounters between groups of people but also in the way we arrange our systems and communities. How can we re-value our economy and healthcare system? How do we re-engineer the influence algorithms have on our democracy?

Want to hear more about how designers are shaping our society? In the Designing Society Talk non-designers reflect on how they see the role of design in shaping our society, hosted by Social Design Showdown. Tune in for the Designing Society Talk on Monday the 19th of October on DDW TV!

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