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How will we live together in the future?

Connected Living

The Connected Living route brings you a selection of highlights curated from the DDW virtual programme. Discover different takes by designers on how to live together in the future and question yourself how you relate to the space and objects around you.

At a time of rapidly changing social norms, growing political divides and environmental concern, we are finding new ways to live, work and play together. We ask ourselves how we relate to the objects and space around us, and find new ways to connect to these crucial elements of daily life. Discover the impact this will have on our homes and workplaces as we explore more collaborative and eco-friendly lifestyles.

The selection of projects brings you a diverse mix of living connected and questions what connected living actually is. Here the focus is not so much on digital applications that make our lives easier, but merely zooms in on how we as people relate to the world of objects and space around us. From repairing your house hold appliances, to diamonds made of personal belongings and growing materials locally to understand what it takes to make a product, click the link below and discover the Connected Living route.

Want to dive further into the Connected Living subject? Tune in for the Connected Living Talk on Thursday 22nd of October for a materials therapy session by content parter Ma-tt-er.

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