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How can digital systems improve both our physical and virtual worlds?

Adapted Realities

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Adapted Realities

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The Adapted Realities route brings you a selection of the curated DDW virtual programme. Discover how designers shape their answers to these mixed realities.

Digital technologies are changing the way we communicate with one another and experience the world. Explore what is happening at the cutting edge of technology and digitalisation, and how it will impact our physical and virtual interactions.

In a world that seems to be dominated by technology, designers are on the search for virtual intimacy and digital inclusion. Using the triptych of space, time and matter they reflect on our daily lives, finding answers to have digital possibilities working with and for us. Not only in screen-time, but also in translations of digital technologies in devices and materials, using hard data to create a soft and relevant output.

Want to immerse yourself even more into the Adapted Realities? Tune in for the Adapted Realities Talk on Sunday the 18th of October on DDW TV! The talk is hosted by Dutch Digital Design.

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