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How do we innovate our buildings and spaces?

Future Cities

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Future Cities

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The Future Cities route brings you a selection of highlights curated from the DDW virtual programme. Discover different ways designers are innovating our cities, from its structures to its mobility and liveability.

As more and more people live in cities, consider how architecture and landscape design can be adapted to their needs. New systems of construction and management can improve the quality and functionality of private buildings and public spaces, and facilitate new forms of collective living.

When we discuss Future Cities we often think of buildings made of glass and steel, whether or not in a park-like setting, or futuristic transport systems with drones or fast cars. However, when we tell a story about a city we've just visited, we rarely talk only about the physical part. We tell about our experience, such as the atmosphere and its identity.

People make the city, they react to their surroundings and to each other. If you look at future cities from the point of view of desired experience, what does that mean for the use of space, the design of public space, services offered and the structures within the city? What is our ideal for experiencing a city?

Want to learn more about our Future Cities? Tune in for the Future Cities Talk in hosted by Architectuurcentrum on Tuesday the 20th of October on DDW TV!

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