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How is technology fuelling new forms of craft and creativity?

Interactive Experiences

The Interactive Experience route brings you a selection of highlights curated from the DDW virtual programme. Discover the interactive parts of our programme, where designers create an experience beyond your screen.

As digital technologies continue to advance, design experimentation continues on a big scale. At the same time we personally face an online driven society experiencing creativity from the intimacy of our home on the screen of our computer. In this virtual route, you can immerse yourself in experiences that take you to another world or get active yourself attending interactive sessions and workshops by our valued partners.

In our DDW Talks programme on Interactive Experiences we talk on how computational design methods have given architects, artists and designers unprecedented freedom of creation. But can they empower people to truly become who they are, connect with each other and get closer to nature?

Find out how innovative design and manufacturing techniques are driving a trend for experience-based art, design and architecture that improve wellbeing and fuel social interaction. A panel discussion with Patrik Schumacher, principal at Zaha Hadid Architects, media artist Refik Anadol, Takashi Kudo, communications director at art collective teamLab and Ralph Nauta, co-founder of Studio Drift will navigate how technology, science, art and the natural world can converge in interactive, impactful spatial experiences

So if you want to find out more about Interactive Experiences: Tune in for the Interactive Experiences Talk on Saturday the 24th of October on DDW TV!

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